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The industry’s best deal for emergency restoration work
For Lineworkers

As an IBEW journeyman lineworker employed by SOS, you’ll get the industry’s best deal for emergency restoration work. Period. When utilities call us, we respond immediately by tapping into our network of best-in-class linemen, top-notch equipment, materials, and vendors standing by around the country. If a job requires flying you in and flying you home, we do that. We also invest in the best equipment and live a safety culture, all day, every day.

Once we answer a utility’s call for help, you’ll work that restoration project until the job wraps because we don’t gouge our utility clients with rates that are unsustainable. We take care of the linemen who invest their time with SOS. Getting you to the job is just the first step. Nobody wants to arrive for restoration work only to have the utility send them home early, so we also arrive on site with our mobile command unit. We monitor progress. And if keeping our lineworkers on the job at the best rate for them means we take a little less profit, then we do that, too.

SOS is a signatory to the IBEW and a member of NECA.

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    Securing the best deal for your restoration work

    Executive leaders who know what it takes to coordinate a response and work a MAJOR EVENT from the linemen’s and utility’s perspective

    Quality, well-maintained equipment & tooling

    Safe working conditions and a safety-first culture where everyone is empowered to stop work

    Getting you to and from where the work is, and taking care of you while you’re there