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Streamline your restoration response

Whether you’re managing a major event for an investor-owned utility, municipality or cooperative, SOS not only wants to be your first source of outside help but also take care of you for the long-term. When you look for help, you want a quick response from a partner who respects Regional Mutual Assistance Groups. As you restore power, you need coordination, attention to detail and responsive contractor crews. Once you’ve restored power, you must capture data about the number and type of contractor crews, their work and how long they’ve worked—documenting this is critical for supporting your cost-recovery claim.

SOS clearly documents what you need and charges a rate that’s justifiable and easily explained to FEMA, a private carrier, or taxpayers.

Municipal utility managers must document large outlays for contractors to get approval for, say, rate relief via a one-time rider. Utility executives look at the impact of restoration on their balance sheet. Regulators want sound reasons for rate relief. And ICS managers want to boost the speed and accuracy for requesting crews, equipment, and material.

SOS understands this and delivers highly trained, motivated crews. We also deliver a well-documented account of our crews, resources (e.g., lodging, food, and fuel) and equipment tapped for restoration. We do this to build a long-term relationship with you and streamline your cost recovery later.



    Securing the best deal for your restoration work

    Executive leaders who know what it takes to coordinate a response and work a MAJOR EVENT from the linemen’s and utility’s perspective

    Quality, well-maintained equipment & TOOLING

    Safe working conditions and a safety-first culture where everyone is empowered to stop work

    Getting you to and from where the work is, and taking care of you while you’re there