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We’re always ready with what you need for emergency restoration
Emergency RESPONSE
From your first call to SOS to our last hour of restoration work performed for you, giving you what you need is job one. Electric T&D restoration work happens in many different geographies, and there’s always a mix of skills and equipment for each task. SOS knows the ins-and-outs of restoration, operations management, logistics and damage assessment. We set our utility customers up for success before they even call us by maintaining a motivated, conscientious network of crews and well-maintained equipment ready at a moment’s notice. We have the people and material resources you need, on demand.
Our Services
T & D Restoration

When storms or other major events strike your service territory causing outages, you need to find available resources and mobilize a response to restore service quickly, efficiently. Whether the repair entails hundreds of broken distribution lines across a community or damaged 500-kV transmission lines, we bring a mobile command center and direct our crews who have the know-how and equipment to rebuild infrastructure, restore power and get meters turning again.

Logistics Services

Even before you call for resources, SOS has laid the groundwork to care for, feed and house hundreds (even thousands) of workers. SOS’s team will tap the right equipment for the type of restoration work you need and maintain and fuel these vehicles throughout the restoration. Prior to rebuilding infrastructure and/or constructing new assets, SOS’s experts have identified supply chains to get crews the materials they need to bring power back online.

Damage Assessment

As a storm or other event passes and conditions warrant, SOS’s team dives in to assessing damage from the ground and/or air to efficiently identify what’s broken and what’s salvageable. We can augment a utility’s assessors or compliment the storm roles you’ve already assigned to help you speed up planning and prioritizing your restoration. As our damage assessors work, we can also bring in other professionals (e.g., patrollers, wire guards) to protect your customers.

Response Management

During and after emergency restoration, utilities create, ink, and manage contracts, while tapping workers to keep up with billing and invoicing. Utilities rely on our crews in the field. But utility managers also call on our Response Management teams to handle contracting, coordinating vendors and managing A/P activities, so managers can focus on bringing power back safely and efficiently. If you’re already working 20-hour days and having to do more, call SOS for help.